About Business and Debt Counseling

Unidos Por La Libertad dba Business and Debt Counseling strives to provide premier financial and counseling solutions for consumers. We are dedicated to and specialize in assisting distressed homeowners, first-time homebuyers and other participants to identify practical solutions and resolve their housing issues or financial concerns through educating and assisting them to utilize budgeting tools, understand credit, establish financial goals or successfully implement debt management strategies. We are committed to upholding our duty to educate consumers effectively, promote financial literacy, accountability and responsibility: by teaching sound money and debt management practices; by employing suitable counseling methods, education and advice; and by providing them with the appropriate information and resources needed to obtain, maintain and sustain housing and financial health. The organization is committed to the development and provision of safe, decent and affordable housing to aid very-low to moderate income families and persons by combatting community deterioration.

Our Board

Rafael D. Mendez, Chief Executive Officer

Rafael Mendez is currently an employee of the City of South Gate and a former employee of the County of Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in the transportation commerce and an in-depth understand of both the distribution and logistical aspects of the industry. After observing the current distressed economic conditions, fueled by unemployment, decreasing job counts and widespread foreclosures; his interest in and commitment to assist others lead him to seek a position in public service with a nonprofit organization.

Ricardo Montes, Board Member

Ricardo Montes, possesses two Bachelor’s Degrees from Mercy College, NY, NY and National University of LA, CA. Mr. Montes is a renowned Spanish translator having worked for the Department of Hispanic Affairs in New Jersey. He is an licensed teacher with extensive experience in the development of educational programing, formulation of lesson plans, organizing testing materials, and collaboration with other instructional teachers in the same content area.

Gabriel A. Loucel, Board Member

Gabriel A. Loucel, was formally trained as a civil engineering and received his Bachelors of Engineering while living in El Salvador, Central America. He was experience in the design of structures according to the British Codes and applying CDM regulations. Mr. Loucel is well versed in the formulation of programmatic performance protocols as a Quality Assurance Officer. He possesses excellent interpersonal skills and is Bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish.

Elphonso Padilla, Board Member

Elphonso Padilla is currently employed by the City of Los Angeles and formerly employed by the City of Compton. He has been a City Municipal employee since 1992. He possesses extensive experience in working with the operation of heavy equipment in relationship to construction projects. Mr. Padilla is deeply committed to the re-development of underserved communities and willing to become involved in bettering the world around him. He believes that his dedication to helping others improve their quality of life would make him a great asset to any organization. As a City Employee since 1992, he has become familiar with the internal workings and requirements of policies and procedures. He also has learned the importance of public service.

Our Vision

The organization has adopted the following Vision Statement to communicate both the purpose and values of our organization. For our employees, it will give a sense of direction concerning how they are to behave, degree of customer service that is expected and motivate them to achieve a higher level of professionalism. Shared with consumers, it will influence and define their expectations and understanding of why they should choose our organization to work with in resolving financial or housing issues. The Board of Directors foresee the challenge in this vision, not in the growth of our organization, but in training and encouraging all BDC's personnel to treat each client with the same care and level of communication.

Our vision is to develop a community of financially responsible individuals and families that will thrive for generations to come. Further, to promote and preserve decent, safe and affordable housing, through collaboration with our community partners, and regulatory bodies. BDC will remain dedicated to providing superior housing and financial educational services to those most in need.

BDC is dedicated to constantly refining our service delivery process, implementing new ideas, and maintaining a willingness to adapt to changing consumer needs, as we strive to remain one of the most respected housing, credit and debt counseling agencies by providing professional credit and debt management, reverse mortgage, loss mitigation and homeownership counseling in the Los Angeles County area. It is our desire to become known not only for the quality of our consumer education seminars and workshops, but also for our affordable housing activities. We are committed to: remain an active and vocal member of the community, provide continual reinvestment through participation in community revitalization activities and continue charity involvement in the development of affordable housing programs throughout Southern California.

Our long-term vision includes the incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services, enabling the organization to operate a number of offices throughout the Southern California area.

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